Fa b r i c i o   a t t o s

Classical Guitarist, Music Producer & Entrepeneur


New Stages is a major project initiated by Fabricio Mattos in 2018 and that will be developed over the coming years. It comprises intense research and careful methodology to a very practical and tangible output, where the very basic concepts of artistic performance will be scrutinised, denied, stretched, and eventually rewritten. 

The main basis for New Stages is a PhD research undertaken by Fabricio Mattos at the Royal Academy of Music, London. The connection with such an important and well-respected academic institution provides the project with a robust academic and practical framing, thus creating an important and fertile ground for future growth. 

The project is structured into four main sections: analysis of basic dynamics and terminology in artistic performance; a vast research on history and aesthetics of performance spaces in many countries and cultures; practical application of conceptual, historical, and aesthetic ideas on highly experimental performance events in London called New Stages Series; revisiting basic dynamics and terminology based on research on published material, field research, and experience acquired with the New Stages Series.

If you have any idea, comments, or corrections that might contribute to further develop this project, please get in touch via the contact tab on this website!