Fa b r i c i o   a t t o s

Classical Guitarist, Music Producer & Entrepeneur


D U O   J O R D A N - M A T T O S

Formed by flautist Lucas Jordan and guitarist Fabricio Mattos, the duo Jordan-Mattos focuses on 20th- and 21st-century music for flute and guitar. Apart from exploring a wide range of repertoire, the duo also engages in experimental performance events that aim to expand the traditional perception and expectations of classical music. 

Currently the duo has been performing two different programmes. 

'Americas' explores works from the three Americas, and 'Deconstructing Dance' is an aesthetic exploration of dance as a musical genre, transforming performance spaces into a mean of expression of three basic elements of dance: gestures, rhythm, and places.

Apart from the duo work, the duo also collaborates with poet Audrey Ardern-Jones OBE, forming the Poetry & Music Ensemble. As part of this exciting project, the trio performs conceptual programmes combining poetry and music in a tasteful way, exploring the aesthetic qualities of both art forms.

  • Royal Overseas League, London.
    Royal Overseas League, London.
  • Epsom, UK.
    Epsom, UK.
  • Livin Room concert, London.
    Livin Room concert, London.
  • Oxford, UK.
    Oxford, UK.
  • London, UK.
    London, UK.
  • Recording session. Zurich, Switzerland.
    Recording session. Zurich, Switzerland.
  • The Troubadour pub, London.
    The Troubadour pub, London.
  • London, UK.
    London, UK.
  • The Royal Marsden, London.
    The Royal Marsden, London.
Royal Overseas League, London.
Royal Overseas League, London.

V I D E O S 

                    Quintal, by Mario Ferraro

                    Histoire du Tango, by Astor Piazzolla