Fa b r i c i o   a t t o s

Classical Guitarist, Music Producer & Entrepeneur


New Stages Series is a series of performance events conceived and curated by Fabricio Mattos as part of his PhD project at the Royal Academy of Music. All events explore alternative layouts and dynamics between performers and participants, based on intensive research on history & aesthetics of performance spaces.

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Event #I: 'This Is Who We Are' 
Royal Academy of Music, 27 September 2018

This first event was a conceptual discussion about the 'stage', whether it's a physical, mental, or simply non-existing place. The title derives from the book 'Musicking' by Christopher Small.

Performers: (in order of appearance)
Irantzu Agirre, harp; Rachel Susser, flute; Plinio Fernandes, guitar; Varinia Oyola Rebaza, viola; Janell Yeo, violin; Louise Cournarie, piano
Event #2: 'Séance' (Halloween)
Royal Academy of Music, 31 October 2018

The second event of NSS happened in complete darkness, and included  ritualistic elements from around the world in an increasingly intense atmosphere.

Performers: (in order of appearance)

Luiz de Campos, beatbox & oboe; Vitor Noah, guitar; Lucy Humphris, trumpet; Irantzu Agirre, harp; Rachel Susser, flute; Lucas Jordan, flute; Magdalena Petrovich, cello; Leona Crasi, piano.

Event #3: 'Analogos'
Royal Academy of Music, 01 February 2019

The third event of NSS was inspired on ancient astrological charts and music composed in response to astrological, astronomical, and mathematical events. Participants were immersed into a live representation of the Universe, based on ancient Greek astrological charts.


Leona Crasi, piano


Event #4: 'Claustrophobia'

Royal Academy of Music, 29 March 2019

The fourth event of NSS was a metaphor.

Performers: (in order of appearance)

Dimitris Soukaras, guitar;  Iñigo Mikeleiz Berrade, accordion; Frederico  Paixão, flute; Elena Cappelletti, cello.


Event #5: 'Deconstructing Dance'

Willesden Green Library (Performance Space), 29 May 2019

In this event we deconstructed the aesthetics of dance as a musical genre, exploring in Performance some of the elements shared between Dance and Music. The performance space was divided into three levels, representing three basic elements of dance: gestures, rhythms, and places.

Concept, Production & Performers: Fabricio Mattos & Lucas Jordan