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Classical Guitarist, Music Producer & Entrepeneur


H E  O L D E N  G E

(from 2021)

H E  O L D E N G E  is a journey in time to the first half of 19th century, one of the most prolific times in the guitar's history.

This programme is a thorough exploration of works by some of the main 19th-century composers. Very well-known composers such as Fernando Sor are placed side by side with lesser known ones such as Matiegka in order to create a panorama of the guitar in what came to be called by many specialists as the 'Golden Age' of guitar. The instrument used is a very special one: a 'Romantic' guitar made by Korean maker HeeHong Kim, inspired by the aesthetics and sound of Stauffer's guitars, but using modern techniques of construction. The result is a unique piece of design that sounds very similar to the original 19th-century guitar, but with a better tuning and increased projection, making it a flexible instrument that can be used both in small venues and big concert halls.


Fernando Sor    Marcha Funebre

Johann Kaspar Mertz    Elegie

Luigi Legnani   3 Caprices (from 36 Caprices op. 20)

Wenzel T. Matiegka    Fuga, Minueto & Rondo op. 23

Mauro Giuliani    Rossiniana 5, op. 123