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Classical Guitarist, Music Producer & Entrepeneur



S O L O 


Rio de Janeiro, Brazil  2019

Schottish-Choro  (H. Villa-Lobos)

In 2019, Fabricio Mattos and composer/filmmaker Bernardo Simões, both London residents, met in Rio de Janeiro for one day and decided to use the opportunity to record this video at the historic Museu da República. Due to the 'impromptu' way this recording was made, Fabricio didn't have his guitar at the time, so an old Giannini guitar from Bernardo's collection was used for this unedited performance of a classic of Brazilian guitar music.

London, UK   2020

Spencer Collection, mini-recital with historical guitars 

This mini-recital was recorded at the Museum of the Royal Academy of Music, at request of the AALGA - Asociacion Argentina de Lauds e Guitarras Antiguas, as part of their 2nd international conference. Complete programme on the YouTube description.

Josef Pages, 1805, Cádiz. 
Gennaro Fabricatore, 1818, Napoli. 
Amédée Thibout, ‘Guitare-lyre', c.1850, Caen. 
C.F. Martin & Co., 1880, New York. 
Louis Panormo, 1840, London.

London, UK   2019

Equinox  (Tōru Takemitsu)

This recording was made at the Royal Academy of Music, London, and is part of Fabricio Mattos' aesthetic experimentations in performance.

Shanghai, China   2017

Variations on a theme of Chinese Guqin   (HuanQi Lin)

This video was recorded in March/2017, produced by 'Guitar Garden' in Shanghai. The piece is one of the new works commissioned by Fabricio Mattos for 'WGC Heritage', the third season of WGC - Worldwide Guitar Connections

The guitar used was made in 1923 by Hermann Hauser, and is part of Vincent Xu's collection in Beijing. 


London, UK   2017

Tre Capricci  (Mauro Bonelli)

This recording was made at the Royal Academy of Music, London, and was part of the third season of WGC-Worldwide Guitar Connections.

Goesan, South Korea   2015

Bate-Coxa  (Marco Pereira)

From DVD Heritage, Live in South Korea.

This is an extract from DVD Heritage of Italian & Brazilian music, produced by Alma Guitar. 


Goesan, South Korea   2015

Sonata in D-minor   (Domenico Cimarosa)

From DVD Heritage, Live in South Korea.

This is an extract from DVD Heritage of Italian & Brazilian music, produced by Alma Guitar. 


London, UK   2014

Metamorphose   (Ralf Bauer)

Dedicated to Fabricio Mattos.

This work was written especially for the second season of the WGC-Worldwide Guitar Connections, 'WGC Beyond'. German composer Ralf Bauer was inspired by the Bach Chaconne to compose a work of extreme virtuosity for the guitar, exploring the naturalness of arpeggios on this instrument.

This performance took place at St Mary-at-Hill church in London.


Chengdu, China   2012

Trilogia del Brujo   (Máximo Diego Pujol) 

This video is an excerpt of a concert at Sichuan Conservatory of Music, part of Fabricio Mattos' Asian Tour. In the same tour there were concerts and masterclasses in Seoul (South Korea), Jinan and Qingdao (China). 


Los Angeles, USA   2011

Guitar Salon International

Excerpt from Villa-Lobos' 'Guitar Concerto'.

Guitar by Torres (1890).

This video was made during Fabricio Mattos' world tour in 2011, in a one-day stopover in LA from New York to Auckland (New Zealand). In his visit Fabricio tried out many great guitars, and the other videos of this session can be accessed through the following link:

Fabricio Mattos at GSI | Youtube Playlist

Maringá, Brazil   2010

Black Widow   (Jaime Zenamon)

I. Seduction

II. Dance & Love

III. Satisfaction

This performance was recorded live in a concert part a major festival in Brazil called FEMUCIC. The piece is a poetic take on the story of the black widow spider, which is known for killing the male after copulation.


R O J E C T S  W I T H A N C E

London, England   2013

Cura-Cadru   (Emma-Ruth Richards

World Premiere

This performance took place at LSO (London Symphony Orchestra) St Luke's, London, and it is the result of a collaboration between British composer Emma-Ruth Richards, dancer Sabrina Kelly, and guitarist Fabricio Mattos. 

This collaboration was part of LSO's Soundhub project, which covered open space for rehearsals and performances. 

LSO Soundhub


London, England   2013

Brother of Sleep   (Gareth Moorcraft)

World premiere

A result of a collaboration between musicians from the Royal Academy of Music and dancers from Roehampton University, this work earned critics success mainly due to this performance at Resolution! the best known contemporary dance festival in London.

Resolution! @ The Place, London



VTV4, Hanoi

Another interview in Vietnam as part of Fabricio Mattos' tour of Thailand, Vietnam, and Myanmar.


Go Brazilian, Auckland, New Zealand

(in Portuguese)

This interview was produced during Fabricio Mattos' WGC World Tour in 2011. In the occasion Fabricio's concerts in New Zealand happened in Auckland, Dunedin, and Wellington.