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Artistic & Executive Production
Fabricio Mattos

WGC is a creative enterprise founded in 2011 by Fabricio Mattos, with partners and activities in many countries. It brings together innovative possibilities in music-making, offering a fresh approach to the music profession.

The project was produced over three seasons, from 2011-2017, and comprised commissions, recordings, world tours, and outreach work. 
One of WGC's main ideas was to support the creation of high-quality new works for solo guitar, and also chamber music with guitar. For that purpose some of the most exciting young composers in activity in many countries have been invited to write for WGC, always working towards very specific conceptual criteria for each season. 

Among many innovations, WGC brought up the idea of sustainable use of concert programmes, through an action called 'Reprogram!'. WGC concert programmes have a blank space on its back, on which audience members are invited to express what they thought about the event and give it back at the end of the concert. These same programmes are used in other countries where WGC is presented with that same repertoire, and new audience members are able to read messages from unknown people from around the world, thus creating a global network of 'WGC watchers'. Some examples of these used programmes can be seen below.

WGC's audio recordings are available on Fabricio Mattos' SoundCloud page, and physical CDs with the same material will be released in 2020.


Season 01

W o r l d w i d e   G u i t a r   C o n n e c t i o n s 

WGC was launched in 2011 with a 5-month world tour, and successive tours with the same repertoire. The conceptual intention was to give an overview of the possibilities of the guitar as a solo instrument, and explore some of the many genres that can be expressed through this versatile instrument.

P R O G R A M M E  (all works commissioned for WGC)

Mario Ferraro  Tortuous Poem  ▶WATCH

Harry Crowl   Curitiba Preludes  ▶ LISTEN

Season 02

WGC  B e y o n d 

The concept for WGC Beyond was to 'go beyond', to cross the line of is accepted and known about the guitar and bring the instrument and the performer to their limits. Each composer worked on very specific criteria and inspirational guidelines, and the final result was a stunning and breathtaking mosaic of possibilities and aesthetic exploration.

P R O G R A M M E  (all works commissioned for WGC Beyond)

Nick Norton   Connection, for guitar and field recordings  ▶LISTEN

Kelvin Fung    Nightview  ▶LISTEN

Fabiano Borges  Suite Sudamericana  ▶LISTEN   ▶WATCH

Ralf Bauer  Metamorphose  ▶LISTEN

Jan Meisl   La Divina Commedia  ▶LISTEN

Season 03

WGC  H e r i t a g e 

The conceptual idea of WGC's third season was to create a discussion and reflect on how much of our tradition still lives within us and our cultures. With that in mind, a dialogue was created between original 19th-century works for guitar, from a time considered by many as the guitar's 'golden age', and new works written as reaction to the former. All the repertoire was recorded and performed on a custom-made guitar by Korean maker Heehong Kim, who took inspiration from the famous and revolutionary guitars by Viennese maker J. Stauffer and created a unique instrument that can be played with gut strings in a 'Romantic' way, but also offers a great range of possibilities for the performance of today's music.


Fernando Sor    Intro & Variations on a theme by Mozart    ▶LISTEN

HuanQi Lin    Variations on a theme from Chinese Guqin*   ▶WATCH

W. Matiegka    Presto-fugato op. 23   ▶LISTEN

Lucas Jordan    preludiofuga II*   ▶LISTEN

Franz Schubert    Ständchen (arr. Mertz)   ▶LISTEN

Trad. Korean     Arirang (arr. Mattos)  ▶LISTEN   ▶WATCH

Mauro Bonelli   Tre Capricci*  ▶LISTEN

Luigi Legnani   Three Caprices op. 20  ▶LISTEN

* works commissioned for WGC Heritage

' R E P R O G R A M ! ' 

C O N C E R T S   &    E V E N T S